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Many of you may be returning to RIFT, maybe many of you are starting up for the first time, or maybe you’re just leveling an alt. In any case, you’re probably trying to catch up with some friends and are eager to dive into the new Storm Legion content. This video and guide is probably the fastest and best way to hit level 50 in the fastest time possible. Keep reading and we’ll give you the low down on what you need to do.

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Being new to the world of Telara is a daunting experience, looking at all those high level Clerics with their shiny armour wandering around on fantastic mounts bristling with weapons and virtually aglow with magic can be enough to cause the new Cleric  to think they can never be that good.

Fear not the challenge, for here is a way to beat the levelling woe’s and become one of those Clerics you first looked up to.

This guide is set out to make the transition from level 10 to level 60 as painless as possible if you have to do it Solo or with a friend. So the first thing you need to do is get out of the starting zone by following the quest line and get to today’s Telara, you should be around level 8 when you emerge, I’d suggest following the quest line till you get to level 10 then you can reset your souls to take advantage of this guide.

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Storm Breaker Protocol is a level 52-56 dungeon. The portal is in Tempest Bay near the vendor for Planar Dimension items.

The first half of SBP has a unique mechanic: each member of the party is given a mech suit! Along with the new look comes a whole new hotbar of abilities.

The first button is a basic melee attack. The second button is a chargeable ranged cannon — press the button once to charge, and again to deploy. The third button releases a series of missiles at your target. The fourth button shoots out a jet of flame that’s great for mowing down packs of little bugs. The fifth button is a shield, and the final button will revive a dead teammate. All the attack abilities can be used while moving, including charging the cannon. This is important, as you’ll be running around a lot.

Let’s say you’re standing in front of one of the bosses and the tank is about to pull — what do you need to know right this minute? Check out our Quick Tactics Guide!

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Drowned halls is Rift’s second Sliverm or 10-man raid. It is designed to be a little easier than Gilded Prophecy, to better facilitate those people stumbling over the obvious gap between Tier 2 Expert gear and many of the bosses in Gilded Prophecy. While I can tell you it achieves this goal, the DPS checks are a little lighter, but with less damage going around, further, mechanically a few of the fights can be much more unforgiving.

Like Gilded Prophecy, the gear you will see in the Drowned Halls is on par with most items from GSB and RoS, with some select items even being best in slot for certain callings and roles (I’m looking at you, The Cold Heart!)

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Gilded Prophecy is RIFT’s first 10 man raid dungeon. It is located in eastern Shimmersand that can only be accessed if you have one player with Planar Site, the 25,000 planarite ability. Gilded Prophecy contains four bosses that get increasingly more difficult. As far as raid composition, the first raid boss requires two tanks, and the rest require one. You will need a Bard/Archon for at least the last fight. Healer and dps composition is up to the raid leader depending on character strength.

The best thing about Gilded Prophecy is that the loot is on par with both GSB and ROS allowing smaller guilds to gear up easier for the other 20 man raids. You can also earn raid Marks for Tier 1 raid gear from each boss.

The bestest thing about Gilded Prophecy is that you can use your mount inside!

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River of Souls is a 20 man dungeon that part of the first Tier of raiding in RIFT. It is equivalent in gear and difficulty to Greenscale’s Blight. It’s location is at the top of Caer Mathos near the Baron in Stillmoor. Many of the fights require high coordination among raid members than some of the GSB fights. The layout of the raid is a large open area full of trash mobs, three bosses and three foci. The fourth boss, Alsbeth, is only available after Warmaster Galenir, Herald Gaurath, and Plutonous the Immortal, along with the three foci, are defeated.

For a full list of loot drops, please visit the ROS Loot List.

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The Winds of Chaos, an Air Rift Raid, is one of the quicker ones. It requires two tanks with sufficient healing depending on their gear. There are five phases. As always you can purchase the Lures from your faction vendors with planarite with enough notoriety or use corrupted souls to create a lure. You can easily find Rift Tears in Shimmersand.

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We have a new round of Greenscale Video guides. River of Souls, Gilded Prophecy and Rift Raids coming soon.

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A new video guide for everyone to see. If you still haven’t kill the Duke, here’s the best place to learn.

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Drakith Hatchery is very difficult Raid Rift that requires, either zerging, or careful gameplay. It has gone through many different iterations for balance, even then, it causes a lot of deaths and takes quite a bit of time to complete; even with a full raid. This Rift Raid requires at least two tanks for one stage and plenty of healers and dps bringing their A-Game.

You can catch a Drakith Hatchery in Shimmersnad with a lure purchase via your faction’s vendor with the appropriate notoriety and planarite. Failing that, you can create a lure with a husk and ten Corrupted Souls.

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