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2.7 soul collective

Just in case you haven’t had a chance yet to hop on the PTS and try out the Arbiter, Physician, Oracle, or Liberator– the four new souls being added in RIFT 2.7– yet, we’ve collected some of the best links out there for build guides, lists of feedback, soul calculators, and videos of the new souls in action. If you have any other cool links for us to share, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. We’ll try and keep this updated as the time closes down to the launch of 2.7.

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holiday season 2013

Aw, look at the corgis. Wait a minute… Is that a dwarf in his undies and a Fae Yule hat getting drunk behind them? Why, yes. Yes, it is. Wut? C’mon– it’s Trion we’re talking about. Trion released a new video celebrating Fae Yule and the holiday season yesterday, and it’s full of cheer, cute corgis, the majesty of Iron Pine Peak, and, well, yes. This fellow. Dwarves are awesome. No other explanation is needed.

Merry Christmas, happy Fae Yule, and happy holidays, RIFTers! From Trion and from all of us at Junkies Nation/Rift Junkies.

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It’s been just over a week since RIFT went free-to-play, and so far it seems servers are packed with new and returning players.

The biggest feature change to the game is probably the new cash shop interface, which not only sells REX and currency items but has also become the unified vendor system for the entire game. Individual NPC vendors use this new shop system, and items that players used to have to travel around the game world to browse, like pets, are all listed in one location. Loyalty, the new veteran system, is also entirely contained in the shop.

Clearly it’s a huge addition to the game. Want to learn more about the new in-game store features? We’ve made a short video guide to the new interface for you below.

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dendrome title

The PTS (Public Test Shard) can be a fun place. We can test new builds, gear setups, new raids that are currently in development, and oh yeah– explore cool places like Dendrome! A few players have been romping through invisible walls and alternate, uh, areas in order to take a sneak peek at what Trion has cooking for us in the Dendrome zone.

Feel like a preview? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Regulos is coming, and he has a colossal, annihilating axe to grind with the Ascended. Starting Dec. 12, raiders can face off with the Destroyer in a 20-player raid that spans the planes of existence.

The new raid included in RIFT 2.1, Eternal Eclipse, chronicles the Queen of Storms’ flight from Frozen Tempest and pits Ascended against Regulos at the threshold of Telara. While celebrating victories against the Storm Legion during festive Fae Yule, players will be tasked with the unimaginable – journeying to the Plane of Death and claiming final victory against the Destroyer himself.

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Many of you may be returning to RIFT, maybe many of you are starting up for the first time, or maybe you’re just leveling an alt. In any case, you’re probably trying to catch up with some friends and are eager to dive into the new Storm Legion content. This video and guide is probably the fastest and best way to hit level 50 in the fastest time possible. Keep reading and we’ll give you the low down on what you need to do.

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During the final Storm Legion beta weekend, Volan, the massive, tech-influenced colossus that was first previewed months ago during E3 came out to show players just how dangerous he is. If you didn’t get a chance to take part in the fight yourself, one of our new Rift Junkies video gurus, SilentStorm, captured an impromptu video of Volan causing quite a bit of death and destruction all around. The fight definitely took those who stumbled upon it by surprise!

Keep reading to watch to the video.

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As Storm Legion’s launch day approaches, one RIFT fan put together this cool compilation of their top 10 favorite raid encounters of classic RIFT (chocolate or vanilla work too). There’s no doubt about it– Trion’s definitely released some fun raids. What have been your favorite fights, and why?

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Trion’s livestreams from the PAX convention floor every day over the holiday weekend presented a deluge of information for viewers and attendees, and amongst the many things shown was a first look at Endless Eclipse, one of the new raids in Storm Legion. The final boss of this gigantic new zone? “One of the two dragons that are left,” said Russ Brown, VP of Development for RIFT, while giving the internet a tour of the raid for Trion’s TwitchTV page.

A dragon, eh? Well if Crucia is on the Storm Legion cover that probably leaves… yep, that’s right, it’s time to face down Regulos, previously known as the big baddie from vanilla RIFT. In fact, at one point near the end of the tour a zone name popped up on the screen: “Regulos Raid Death Chamber”. Let’s just hope it’s his death and not ours, right?

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This weekend at PAX Prime 2012, Trion Worlds put on quite a show with all of the goodies they had to offer. The company showcased RIFT a great deal, naturally, diving into areas of Storm Legion that we haven’t seen before. We were also shown some of the new Bard skills in action. On top of all that, we also found out some new details about the expansion! It was a good weekend, and thanks to Trion’s TwitchTV page, it’s possible to view the footage at any time.

There’s a lot of footage to cover, however, thanks to three days of live streams. That’s why we’re here to offer up some of the best highlights of the three-day event, show off some screenshots, videos, and all the juicy details that were new information reveals. As a warning, all of the footage below was originally captured from Trion’s live streams, so graphical/sound quality may not be the best. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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